Lego Ducky Momo!

In August 2014, we went to Legoland, California.  Naturally, we needed a Lego Ducky Momo, and pictures with the characters from The Lego Movie!

Click the images if you want a larger version.

Ducky_Momo_2014_Legoland_01_WyldstyleWyldstyle!  She was pretty pleased to pose with Ducky Momo!  He fit in her hand just perfectly!


Ducky_Momo_2014_Legoland_03_EmmettEmmett could barely contain his excitement!

Ducky_Momo_2014_Legoland_01_BennieBenny was my daughter’s favourite character, but they only had Wyldstyle and Emmett taking photos.  However they had a door nearby that had Benny on it, and Ducky Momo fit perfectly on the door handle!

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