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ihatepeopleshirtUpdate 2019: I got an “I Hate People” shirt from!
Ducky_Momo_2013_Christmas_23_Ducky_Momo_shirtUpdate: For our December 2013 trip, I made my own Ducky Momo Mission Marvel T-shirt. I have poor photoshop skills, so I got someone on Etsy to remove the background from this image. At first I tried to use a T-shirt printing place, but they all cancelled my orders due to copyright infringement. Well, show me where I can buy legit Ducky Momo merchandise and I will.

I eventually ordered a purple T-shirt cheap from, got some Avery iron-on transfers (for dark T-shirts), and did it myself.

If you want your own, here is the PNG file.  It’s got a while oval background on top of a transparent background.  Contact me if you want your own slightly different and want other files or advice.


Ducky_Momo_BadgeOne day I googled for Ducky Momo merchandise, and discovered an Etsy shop by GabbyDoodles. She sold custom made Ducky Momo plushies, but I already had one of those that my wife made.  Instead I ordered an “I Hate People” badge.  I was wearing it when I went to a nursing home to visit a friend that had broken her hip… it turns out none of the people there watch Phineas and Ferb (surprise) and so it was a bit awkward…

Ducky_Momo_BackpackI communicated with GabbyDoodles and at the time she had 12″ Ducky Momo backpacks for children.  Well, I wanted a full size one.  At first we discussed a sturdier backpack with a 2D Ducky Momo on the back, but I eventually opted for the real deal, and knew I’d have to work hard to keep it from getting damaged.

Ducky_Momo_TshirtIn October 2012 we went to Disneyland for 6 fun-filled days.  We all had matching Ducky Momo T-shirts!  My wife photoshopped the design (her being a skilled artist) based on an image we found on the Internet, and we had them printed at  She then used glitter glue to make them sparkly.

So our first day at Disneyland, we were all wearing Ducky Momo shirts, me with a Ducky Momo backpack, and inside was Ducky Momo himself.

AT LEAST twenty times a day, children would call out “Ducky Momo!” as we made our way through Disneyland and DCA.  It was truly awesome.  A fair number of cast members recognized him as well.  The best was when they saw the backpack, but had no idea I had a real Ducky Momo inside, and I got to astound them with nested Momoness.

Oh, the sheer Momosity of it all!

Eran —

omg hahahahaahah

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sarah —

I love duckiemomo

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Chelsey —

Omg ducky momo XD MY FRIEND

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Janea —

I feel sooo happy that I’m not the only person who loves DMM so thank y’all’s

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    Jessica Momo —

    Trust me I feel you, I love him so much and I can’t actually explain the happiness and hope he brings me. I’m really glad I can share this experience with you. Ducky momo loves you #duckymomosavior

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Ryan Wiggins —

this stuff, including the website, is awesome! wish the merchandise was for sale!

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sasha —

ducky momo is baeeeeeeeeeeeee

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lily —


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Billy —

Holy cow people! Just found this site my wife, 6 year old just watched our first Ducky MoMo episode! I googled and ended up here. I do not normally post comments especially negative ones, I can’t help it first of all as I read and realized the article was written by a full grown man. I could’ve let it go. Then I read all the comments! I hope they are satirical or honestly I hope everyone other than me who posted seriously consider professional mental health help!

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Ducky MoMo

Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack

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lel —


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brenna —

duccy thicc

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Yoshikage Kira

This website cured my cancer and changed my life

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Jai —

ngl ducky could get it

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Melanie —

we stan ducky momo!

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Zack (not from the lumberzacks)544444444444322222222sahui —

I don’t know how I found this website, especially in 2021, but I think it’s a sign

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