Ducky Momo at Disneyland 2018

In February 2018, Ducky Momo visited Disneyland again!

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Jasmine!  The first year we visited Jasmine, my daughter made things awkward by pointing out her belly button was visible.  Every visit since then she’s had on a more modest outfit.

Snow White is accustomed to the forest creatures visiting her.

Ariel is comfortable with ducks since they are both water creatures.

Minnie at the PCH grill was thrilled to meet Ducky Momo again.

Mickey wasn’t totally sure what to make of all this.

Stitch loves Ducky Momo so much.  He didn’t want to give him back.

Daisy treated him just like one of her own nephews.

Ducky Momo got tired and didn’t go into the park every day. So he didn’t get to meet Tinker Bell! However, Gruff, from The Legend of the Neverbeast, got to meet her again.

A cast member on Buena Vista Street was very excited to meet Gruff.