Ducky Momo at Disneyland 2019

In April 2019, Ducky Momo visited Disneyland again!  Except this time in keychain form, and not plushy form.

Click the images if you want a larger version.

Did Alice have some “Eat Me” cake or did Ducky Momo have the “Drink Me” potion?  Neither – he’s just in keychain form this trip.

I got to meet Spider-Man. I told him the story of how, when I was a child, we needed to fumigate our house because of insects. My mother gave me a cardboard box and had me collect all the spiders in the house so they would be safe.

When the fumigation was over… she had me put them all back.

So I always felt a special attachment to Spider-Man because in my family we always appreciated how spiders help us.

Daisy loved Ducky Momo, but Stitch pointed out something super ominous to me…

Stitch showed me old menus on the wall that indicated that Daisy used to serve duck!  Cannibalism!  How vile!

I guess it made Stitch hungry because he considered swallowing Ducky Momo in one gulp.

Keychain Ducky Momo is so tiny compared to Mater.

A close up shot of our favorite duck.

Even Keychain Ducky Momo got tired and didn’t go into the park every day. So he didn’t get to meet Tinker Bell! However, figurine version of Gruff, from The Legend of the Neverbeast, got to meet her.

To my delight, another day in the trip we got to meet Fawn!  But sadly, neither Gruff nor Ducky Momo were in the park that day.


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